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Concrete Division

The Ready-Mix Concrete division operates under the name of Car-Ouells ( pronounced “Car-wells”) and is a proud member of the Alberta Ready Mixed Concrete Association(ARMCA).

We have been supplying concrete for the past thirty years to St. Paul and surrounding communities.

Although concrete is one of the oldest and most used building products, it is also one of the least understood. We realize that the up-front cost of concrete is not cheap, but the life cycle cost of concrete is. That is why we value quality.

At Car-Ouells we know what it takes to make quality concrete and under no circumstances do we sacrifice quality for price.
We are proud to have industry trained staff and a modern fleet of trucks to help serve our customers.

With over 100 combined years of management experience we can answer all your concrete questions.

Why choose concrete from Car-Ouells:

  1. In-house quality control of aggregate- aggregate benification through special crushing process and washing to ensure quality. We own gravel supply and processing equipment.
  2. Centralized computer dispatch- consistency from batch to batch
  3. Industry trained batch men- know what it takes and how to make quality concrete
  4. Industry trained drivers- safety oriented, product knowledgeable delivery personal
  5. Modern truck fleet- reliable delivery vehicles to bring product when and where you need it.
  6. In-House quality control lab- on-going quality checks from aggregates to mix designs.



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